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Every decision we make is oriented towards solving your difficulties


A designated interlocutor for each client

Our team’s goal is to enable you to make the most of Adequacy’s powers in function of the specificities of your organization.

Our client interlocutors have accompanied hundreds of organizations in the processes they undergo to become GDPR compliant and are an important component of our clients’ satisfaction.


Certification for DPO skills

Adequacy is the only company that has ensured that all its consultants receive the DPO certification in the AFNOR Certification, with excellent results from the very first session on.

This certification, which is accredited by the CNIL, confirms the quality of the services we offer to our clients as they come to compliance with GDPR.

It is further proof of our teams’ high level of know-how and skills.


Leave behind “GDPR consultants”, access a more transversal approach

The reasons for compliance failures are numerous. Perfect knowledge of the organizations is necessary in order to transform the GDPR into an opportunity to improve your overall performance.

Adequacy is directly linked to the development of Infhotep, an independent consulting firm since 2003, recognized for its expertise in 3 specific areas:

  • ➞ Information Systems
  • ➞ Data governance
  • ➞ Change Management

Our expertise in the legal, processing, organizational and IT sectors guarantees you efficient, effective and thorough support in all GDPR-related issues you will face.


More than a User’s club: The Adequacy Club

We are aware of the importance for the DPO to be able to talk exchange with his or her peers about what works and the challenges they have faced since the application of the GDPR. We propose, through with the Adequacy Club, to lead and train your commun

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